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Posted on 23rd Apr at 2:23 AM, with 166 notes


Video response to this terrible video “How to get girls to kiss you”

Sexual assault is not okay. If someone says no, it means no. 

Posted on 20th Apr at 2:51 AM, with 58 notes

My disapproval face. Not really feelin’ it at #sakuracon
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My disapproval face. Not really feelin’ it at #sakuracon

Posted on 18th Apr at 4:17 AM, with 13 notes
Onision is not a good cosplayer…


I cant believe im saying this…

mrrepzion is more of a cosplayer than onision

There, i said it. Mrrepzion may be a douche, but at LEAST he rocks as a cosplayer..

Dead pool cosplay all the way!

Posted on 17th Apr at 9:59 PM, with 39 notes


My new video on why I lost my faith. 

Posted on 15th Apr at 4:06 PM, with 48 notes


How to deal with pressure. self-help video. 

Posted on 15th Apr at 5:43 AM, with 34 notes
geminthesand asked: Congradulations on Finally getting laid! What was the sex like?


A wonderful tinglly experience 


Posted on 15th Apr at 4:42 AM

Lunar eclipse! Fyeah! :3

Tagged: #lunar, #eclipse, #2014,
Posted on 14th Apr at 4:07 PM, with 130 notes


Mrrepzion’s feet part 2 (x)

Part 1 (x)

mrrepzion catering to his fans with a foot fetish! XD

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