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Posted on 25th Jul at 4:24 AM, with 25 notes


I don’t care I miss him right now and going to spam the walls of the internet! <3

Posted on 23rd Jul at 3:29 AM

Sorry, I’ve been busy with my new job, and when I get home I’m to tired to internet… :(

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Posted on 23rd Jul at 3:22 AM, with 10 notes


I find it pretty funny that there’s a Tumblr dedicated to someguy827 and MrRepzion. A combined fandom for the two and yet they both hate their fucking guts! lol

If the artwork of those 2 together came to life it would be quite the awkward situation.

Posted on 23rd Jul at 3:09 AM
Anonymous asked: Where did you get that theme?

Looked up themes :)

Posted on 21st Jul at 3:48 AM, with 23 notes


My first vlog of my trip in Japan. In later vlogs you’ll see me hit pig rectum 

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Posted on 21st Jul at 3:40 AM, with 256 notes


A Message To Nash Grier - Power of Influence

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Posted on 21st Jul at 3:25 AM, with 26 notes


New video while I was in Japan, ate  me some pork rectum! 

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Posted on 21st Jul at 3:25 AM, with 39 notes


So thor is now a woman, my thoughts

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Posted on 5th Jul at 4:17 AM
Anonymous asked: Does Daniel have a girlfriend I'm confused if he does or not

Yeah I think he does :)

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